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Life Members

A Life Membership is the highest honour bestowed upon Club Members.  In recognition for an enormous contribution to the Club (on and particularly off the field) over a long period of time:  

2023: Matt Patterson, Michael Sharp

2021:  Des Jacobs, Chris Dobson

2019:  Hilary Wilson, Mick Friend, Greg Snow, Luke Stevenson & Frank Murphy

2018:  Tim Savage

2017:  Brad Little & Rob Sukhdeo

2014:  Jay Treloar & Brendan McGeever

2012:  Damien O'Connor & Paul Nicol

2011:  Chris Rea

2010:  Brian Chisholm

2009:  Trav Fernee

2008:  Rob Cockburn & Jimmy Boot

2007:  Miles Westbrook & Rohan Stevenson 

2006:  Tim Ellis & Darren Good-Giles

2005:  Jase De Bono

2004:  Danny Pierce

2002:  Michael Johnson

2001:  Trevor Wright

1999:  Michael Bolt

1998:  Brian Corcoran & Richard Prentice

1996:  Andrew Zweck & Chris Frankenfeld

1992:  Simon Eastwood & Colin Thomson 

Clarence Club 

Recognising Club Veterans, those that have played games in 5+ Seasons for the North London Lions 

2023: Robert Blankson, Ross Denton, Dave Hourn, Atticus Kidd, Bonny Murphy, Sarah Nicol, Nicoll Sandison, Andy Walkden

2022:  Michael Sharp, Jane McLeod, Andrew Gardner, Amine Ramdani, Joel Holmes, Olly Friend, Matt Patterson



2019:  Iain Fraser, Aaron Williams

2018:  Des Jacobs, Andy Marr, Gordon Beggy, Conor Fitzgerald, James Logan

2017:  Brad Little, Matt Wood, Greg Snow, Frank Vacirca, Luke Skyzpinski, Alex Pitts, Frank Murphy, Mick Friend, Lee Hart, James Talbot, Jason Rand, Levi Fernandez, Fabian Ponton






2011:  Damien O'Connor

2010:  Chris Rea

2009:  Trav Fernee

2007:  Jimmy Boot  

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