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Round 1 v West London Wildcats

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Huge day out in Chiswick with mixed results, notably, our Men’s Premiership team having a big win over the highly respected reigning premiers.

Great effort by all to make the trek for round 1 with lots of Lion debuts! Love having footy back!

🏉 Men’s Conference:

Wildcats 9.6.60

Lions 3.12.30

Goals: P Hayes, A Turnbull, A Wheeler

🏉 Women’s Premiership:

Wildcats 4.6.30

Lions 1.5.11

Goals: Z Kelly

🏉 Men’s Premiership:

Wildcats 4.5.29

Lions 12.12.84

Goals: A Walkden 3, J Russell 2, J Cauci, C Dillon, T Howard, L Wakeling, S Walon, N Sandison, L Butler

Next week we are all back on our home deck for three huge matches against the Demons!


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