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Life Members Announced

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

~LIFE MEMBERS ANNOUNCED~ On Saturday night, we were lucky to be able to award FIVE life memberships to some great servants of the North London Lions. Just a short note on each person below, but they all have one thing in common...great people who continue to put their hands up to help out, dig in and do what they can! All aspects we respect at NLL. 🦁 Hilary Wilson Joined the club in 2015 an original Lioness, & has contributed as a player, team physio, and doing all sorts of jobs in the background as the Lionesses were growing. 🦁 Mick Friend - joined 2010 as a player, committee member and a popular member of the club. Went on to coach the thirsty thirds to their first 2 grand final appearances in 2017 and 2018. 🦁 Greg Snow - joined in 2010 & contributed as a player, running & fitness coach through some brutal preseason winter sessions at Paddington Rec. 🦁 Luke Stevenson - joined in 2012, helping to lead the team to a flag. Club captain, assistant coach & now co-coach for 2018-19. 🦁 Frank Murphy : joined in 2010 & quickly became the life & soul of the club, on & off the field, through his passion, enthusiasm and willingness to take on any job for the Club.


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