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Coronavirus Update

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Living in London & catching the tube most days, we reckon our immune systems are as strong as they get, however as the covid-19 situation unfolds we will be postponing training and events until further notice under the new government guidelines.

We’ve had a fantastic preseason with fun at the pub, practice matches, trips up north, and lots of new club members and that’s only the start of what’s to come this year so hang in there with us for now.

Sad lot's of ways. COVID-19 🦠 has had an enormous effect on the world, and the North London Lions are no exception. Sadly, due to the virus and lack of work we have had, and will continue to have players, friends and supporters move home.

✈️ For those travelling home to Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world, Clarence 🦁 wishes you all the best. Please don't be strangers, stay in touch, you are all very welcome back at any stage.

🇬🇧🏘 For those staying in the UK, please continue to use the chat groups, participate in the challenges and stay tuned for some online fun!

Also, get in touch if you need support in anyway. Jobs 💷, housing 🛌 or just a chat 🗣!

Everyone, stay safe, stay home and let's get ready for some bloody good times when this is all over! 🍾☀️🎉


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