Club Song

You will find the lyrics to our famous victory song below.

This soulful tune is typically sung (or shouted) loudly, completely out of tune, and with several people mumbling the parts they don’t know.


It is heard regularly following victories on the field, however also occasionally following a particularly solid boat racing effort, during random club events, or anytime someone can get near a microphone connected to a loudspeaker


“It’s a grand old flag, it’s a high flying flag
It’s the emblem for you and for me
It’s emblem of the team we love
The team of the red and the black (ack ack)
Every heart beats true for the red and the black
As we sing this song to you (what do we sing?)
Should old acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the red and the black (ack ack)”


NLL_Emblem Colour 2020_FINAL-18.png